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I'm a Product Designer building things people love to use

Currently Product Designer at UX Cabin

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My name is Hamza Oblouch and I come from Agadir, a beautiful city in the southern part of Morocco. I was born in Tagazought, a small town near Agadir, and spent most of my childhood there. Growing up, I was always fascinated by design and the creative process behind it.

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"Hamza is a Swiss army knife for your team. He continuously seeks knowledge in all aspects of product design and is a versatile designer as a result. He can use Figma for wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, After Effects for animations, and can create marketing websites in Webflow and Framer.

This innate curiosity is one of his greatest strengths, driving his constant growth and improvement In addition to his abilities as a product designer, Hamza brings positive energy to the team with his attitude and passion for design.."

Adam Sadowski - Director of design at UX Cabin

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